Protect your boat

Summer is short! Don’t let high water or a break in ruin your summer! Get notified on your cell imediately!

High water alarm

Spring a leak in your bellows? Did that storm fill your boat? Did your bilge pump stop working?  Get notified if your bilge water gets too high with push notifications!

Complete Boat alarms

Theft of batteries and electronics is at an all-time high. Find out immediately if someone is on your boat that shouldn’t be there!

Monitor your boat

We can add cameras so you can check in on your boat anytime or if you get an alarm you will be able to see what is going on real time

We are boaters too!

We have seen and used other systems that can run into the thousands of
dollars! It’s taken us 2 years to find the right system to provide a reliable system designed for the boating environment! Let us show how easy it is!

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